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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fire and Ice

* * *



Someone has evil
in his very name
and can't veil his breath:
a vile, live, evil flame.



I feel so stressed.
I feel so behind.
I feel so old.
I feel so empty.
I feel so stalked.
I feel so good.
I feel so unloved.
I feel so accomplished!
I feel so…….down.
I feel so badddd.

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Our foot of snow arrived quickly,
sandwiched between layers of sleet.

Taking in the scene this morning,
I decide: “Any exercising done today
will be done indoors.”
Then I notice sparrows, exercising
their fruitless search for food.

So, in boots, nightie,
and borrowed husband's robe
(husband's borrowed robe, that is),
I trek outside to a the crest of the lawn,
carrying a dishtowel
and a mixing bowl filled with
breadcrumbs, cereal, and seeds.

To free my hands before spreading
the towel on the icy surface,
I set the bowl down—and down it goes:
down the knoll, down a rut in the long
winding driveway and, from there,
whirling and bobsledding,
down the street toward the lake.

My trek just became extended
and my exercise decision un-decided.

* * *

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