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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Winter Mix

* * *



I have this—but I want more;
I want that, with every pore.

I have things that I adore;
I have merchandise galore—
things in use and things in store—
but I want more, and more, and more.

Thanking? —Something I abhor.
Asking? —Even though it’s such chore,
once again, I implore,
“Please, Sir, may I have some more?”

[ASIDE: As I enjoyed a warm shower this morning,
I realized how full my life is of simple pleasures
that I take for granted and that most human beings
have never once experienced.]



All those days
being discreet,
effacing myself,
trying to hide.
Such effort!
And you weren’t
even looking.



There’s no gift like a giver—
and the One who gave us sight
and touch and hearing
visited last night,
leaving a world of stillness
wrapped in winter white.


Bad as it was, it’s over now—
the decade of the Aughts—
and would have been much better,
had we fulfilled our Oughts.


BLUE—WHO KNEW? (for Carrie)

I learned tonight—
a Blue Moon's not blue;
just the second one
in a month with two.

[ASIDE: As for me, I learned online today that this date
can be written 2010-01-02 or "20100102" which reads
the same backwards or forwards. Such a palindrome
will not recur for ages.]

* * *

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