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Monday, June 18, 2007

Life Apprentice Companion Blog

Instead of researching publishing tonight, I wrote a daily poem, then posted several months worth of poems to my LifeApprentice blog. At that point, I decided to investigate who else was writing or posting anything about a poem a day.

Doing that, I learned that the Everyday-Poet blogsite was not being used and decided to take it. That way, I will have a place to write about daily events and about the proscess of writing, editing, publishing, and promoting poems without cluttering my other website.

However, it would make more sense to put the poems on Everyday-Poet and the peripheral things on LifeApprentice. Hmm.

I have this image of people all over the world click-clicking at their keyboards, sending messages out. Does anybody read them? Does anybody take them IN?

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Cory Raymond said...

If other people are anything like me (which is probably unlikely)they'll happen along now and again. With so much info out their for our info-starved brains, it's difficult to be consistent in who you follow. (Or, maybe that's just me with my self-diagnosed A.D.D). Anyway, it's a noble project. Good Luck!